Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fetishism in Fashion

By Savitha Hira Photography: Courtesy Frame Marketers

The minutest particulars from the human psyche with regards to its preferences and obsessions make an intriguingly engaging read in -Fetishism in Fashion' - hands-on referral into empathizing using the -peculiar' and also the -individualistic' of fabric and form behind the glamour and glamour of favor design.

The coffee-table book which comes packed using its fashionably red-colored elastic is actually a wholesome read. Compiled by Lidewij Edelkoort, that has developed trend predicting like a profession and is renowned for her development of innovative trend books and audio-pictures because the eighties, it using its engaging and sometimes, completely repulsive imagery - is nevertheless eye-catching as well as in-the-face, almost compelling the readers to stop and introspect.Fetishism in Fashion (2)

The writer creates the idea that each common passionate response for colour, hair do, clothes, skin-show, footwear, etc, etc, has its own bearings within the -bond' that people as people have to develop to be able to exist. She dates back towards the just-born neonate stage, attributing the cutting from the umbilical cord to a person's requirement for connecting in existence. Creating these various bonds, at various levels, in a variety of levels leads to either fetish inside a consummate manner which philosophy is superbly phrased and highlighted within the book.

The very complex subject, that is generally perceived within the negative, is worked with, with sensitivity through the invitee authors the compilation interacting on one natural platform. Illustrations photos sit well together and something cannot escape appreciating the efforts that has to go in, to demonstrate the multifarious fetishes which have been briefly worked with.

Revealed because the official catalogue from the Mode Biennale Arnhem 2013, in Netherlands, held by Lidewij in June-July'13, this type of book continuously inspire and shake people from their nonchalance, because it sheds new light around the phenomenon of fetishes.

Superbly packed, it demonstrates greater than 50 fetishes, covers an array of contemporary issues relevant to fashion, fetishism and society as well as features a couple of short tales in addition to designer work experience.

Without mincing words and ideas, I second Visi magazine, Nigeria, in saying, -If you are searching for an immersive read which will challenge your comfort zones and make up a striking speaking point in your table, Fetishism popular may be the one.-

Publication Particulars: 2013 Frame Marketers Compiled by LidewijEdelkoort Edited by Philip Fimmano Graphics by Jeroen Jas British 248 pages / full colour / hardcover with rubberband Size: 230 x 290 mm Cost: 39 (plus postage & handling)

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